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By making a booking with Airports Taxi Transfers online, by phone or via email, you confirm that you have read, understand and accept the following conditions:

With regards to a single pick up from airports the full fare must be taken in advance.

More than 4 passengers, or extra luggage:- Add £20 each way, on top of the standard or saver fair.

Prices are based on passengers being ready to travel at the booking time.

All fares quoted are for point to point and any diversions will be charged at a mileage rate of £1.90 per mile.

We reserve the right to refuse any passenger our services if their luggage is excessive and deemed as unsafe for the vehicle on the road.

Rayford Ltd cannot be held responsible for any missed connection or flight delay.

Airport Car Park Fees. The customer will be liable for any Car Park fees in addition to the Taxi Fare when the Car Park fee exceeds £5.00.

All bookings must be made through the office via the website, telephone or e-mail. In this way confirmations are sent out and the journey is insured. It is against the law for private hire drivers to accept journeys directly. Bookings must be made through an Operator.

All refunds are subject to a minimum charge of £10.

All prices quoted are per car.

Generally passengers are responsible to load and unload their belongings and we will not accept liability for loss or damage to the luggage. Our drivers will offer a hand of help in many cases with luggage at the passenger’s discretion.

Radio Cabs does not accept any responsibility in any way for missed flights for whatever the reason i.e. traffic delays, accidents, breakdowns, severe weather conditions or any unforeseen circumstances.

Any amendment must be made via an email or by telephone to us to which you will receive an email confirming the amendment. Amendments must not be made with your driver.

If your flight has any serious delays please inform us or the driver as soon as possible.

We advise passengers to plan to arrive at the airport 2 hours prior to flight departure to allow for possible delays en route to or from the airport. We advise passengers to plan to arrive at the airport 2 hours prior to flight departure to allow for possible unpredicted delays en route to or from the airport. Radio Cabs will not take responsibility for any passengers missing their flight if two hours check in time was not allowed.

We do not charge for the 1st hour’s waiting time after the plane has landed. Waiting time charges start once the 1st hour has elapsed from when the aircraft has landed and will be charged, regardless of reason, at £20/hr pro Rata’ Waiting time for all other journeys will be added at £20/hr pro rata from the scheduled pick up time.

No responsibilities for costs are to be refunded to any passenger who does not wait for their driver and takes alternative transport.